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Welcome to ELSA-Wismar e.V.

ELSA-Wismar represents the European Law Students Association; the worlds largest independent, non-profit coalition of law students and associated people. Those affiliated with the association, ELSA opens up opportunities for exchange and the establishment of contacts among other benefits.

Being the trailblazer for an accompanying support whilst studying, ELSA mediates soft skills and other needed skills. Together with the continuing education of social adept law students, this builds the pillars of the fundamental idea of ELSA.

If you are interested to enrich your study-experience and want to be a part of the network, join us. We are open for any questions if they should arise and hope that you will enjoy this experience as much as we do.

Feel free to contact us anytime by using the presented contact information to the right.


COMMERZBANK AG is sponsering!

COMMERZBANK AG new member of ELSA Germany!

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